Slowly updating, still working on new stuff.

I spent a lot of days working on this site… and it was very fun!

Diez4 organized this thing in which people from different careers had to develop a “multimedia story”. We worked on this website about craft beer in Tijuana. I was the coder.

(I’m not even sure if it has been officially released)

Here’s something that I worked on (I wrote the script and made the storyboard).

There’s some backstory and credits on vimeo :)



More tests (part of school work)

Taxi Driver

Cinemagraph Taxi Driver

Cinemagraph-kind-of-gif that I made with a scene from Taxi Driver.

Any sufficiently advanced technology…


Stab stab
Citrus.(test test)Estructuras Visuales
Algún día regresa nuestro servidor… 

Algún día regresa nuestro servidor…